You’ve written a book. Now what?

Congratulations! Writing a book is a big endeavor. But what happens now? How do you ensure you’ve got a product that readers can’t put down? I’ll take your finished work and correct the grammar, so you can publish a professional product. My copyediting service will make your words sing.

You’ve got a great idea. What’s next?

Is your book still in the planning stage? How do you know if you’re on the right track structurally? I take your scraps of paper, your inklings of thought, and coach you into creating a masterpiece you can be proud of. I’ll guide you through all the stages of the writing process and help you achieve your writing dreams.

I’ve got the experience to help you.

With twenty-five years in the writing business, I know books. I hold two master’s degrees in English and Creative Nonfiction. And I’ve published my own work so I understand writers. I’ll bring all that I know to your project. Whether providing developmental editing or copyediting, your book is as special to me as it is to you.